Exercise With Your Pets

While not everybody who exercises on a regular basis is also a pet owner, one thing that cannot be argued is that working out with a dog, cat or other pet can be a fantastic thing. While it is highly unlikely that your pet will hit the bench press after you are done with your reps, there are some exercises that you can do that can include your furry friends as well. Just in case you are one of those folks out there that do not believe that statement, here are a total of eight exercises you can do that involve your pets.

#1: Walk Around The Block

This one is an exercise that every dog owner most likely does already, but it is an exercise when you take your dog or other pet for a short or long walk, plus you can mix some jogging in as well to get that heart rate up.

#2: Push Up Fetch

This one is a little mix of push ups, throwing and your dog running around because it works like this…you throw your pets favorite toy and you must then complete as many push ups as you can before he returns with the toy, you can also do sit ups in the same manner as well.

#3: Toy Squat

This one can be done with a dog or a cat because all you have to do is basic squats while holding your pets favorite toy, when you get to the highest peak of your squat, you get the pet to jump for their toy and you continue the process until your reps are completed.

#4: Obstacle Course

This one may seem a little odd, but what you do is set stations around your yard that you can do various exercises at, while also setting up an obstacle course around the yard as well, so you can run from station to station to complete exercises while your dog does an obstacle as well.

#5: Play Tag

Usually a game of tag is played in a wide open space with your human companions, but you essentially are taking the same concept and doing it with your dog.

#6: Racing Time

This one can be done with a dog or a cat inside or outside of a house, because what you are going to be doing is to throw your pets favorite toy as far away as you can, then race that pet to see who can get to that toy first.

#7: Stair Cases

This one is a variation on the Race Time game we previously discussed, but this time you will be racing your pet up a staircase to see who can reach the top first.

#8: Laser Light Jump Rope

This will be the finally exercise on our list for this piece, but what you are going to be doing here is taking a laser light in your hand while also doing the jump rope exercise, which allows the cat or dog to run around getting the laser light while you are hitting the jump rope.