Time For Wheelchair Fitness

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Unfortunately, whether through birth or from an unfortunate accident at some point in a person’s lifetime, there are millions and millions of people who will spend their lives in a wheelchair.  While this can truly be a life altering and forever life changing experience, it does not mean that the wheelchair bound folks have to stay away from physical fitness. That is because we will be looking at a total of three ways that those who are wheelchair bound can stay physically fit, because a wheelchair bound existence does not need to spell the end of your athletic life.

Resistance Training

Whether you are in a wheelchair or able to stand up, resistance training is a great way to work the upper body without the need of lifting weights. All you really have to do is to attach one end of the resistance bands to a door handle or some kind of sturdy object that will not be moving too much, if at all. Different exercises with the band that can work your arms, shoulders, back and a wide variety of muscles means that even those in wheelchairs can benefit from the exercises. The best thing about resistance training bands is much like weight sets, there are a variety to choose from with different levels of resistance, so you can make the workouts harder as you go along.

Weight Training

This one may seem a little odd to you, but there are exercises you can do with your arms while in the wheelchair that will help you build strength. Just to site a few examples, you can lift yourself off your chair via your arms and the arm rests in a form of pushups, there are also a wide variety of stretches you can do with your arms and there are even a bunch of breathing exercises you can go through. In an odd kind off way, when it comes to strength training, your wheel chair becomes your training partner instead of just your vehicle for getting around.

Wheelchair Sports

You may think that your days participating in sports are long gone because you are in a wheelchair, but you would be dead wrong in that instance. Such sports as volleyball, basketball, rugby, skiing, football, table tennis, tennis, track & field and even golf can all be done while in a wheelchair. Now, to be fair, some of the rules and regulations for each sport may change slightly based on the fact that those participating are in wheelchairs, but that does not mean that you cannot get a good workout or even just a fun day out by participating in each sport. The best thing about wheelchair sports is that just about each state has leagues in the majority of the sports, so a little research in your state will go a long way here.

There is no doubt about it that being bound to a wheelchair brings many challenges to peoples everyday lives, but when it comes to physical fitness, the wheelchair is not an endgame.