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Dodge & Kahn

un film d’Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn

Harry (Harriet) Dodge : Born 1966 in San Francisco, California ; lives in Los Angeles, California. Stanya Kahn : Born 1968 in San Francisco, California ; lives in Los Angeles, California

All Together Now (2008)
Duration 26 minutes, 34 seconds

with performances by :

Lucy Blue Brady
Trinie Dalton
Lenny Dodge-Kahn
Cerus Dumas
Sean Dungan
Amy Gerstler
Matt Greene
Stanya Kahn _Eileen Myles
Gail Swanlund
Benjamin Weissman

Additional Camera by
Keith Hennessy
Jeff Hockett

Additional Sounds by Bardo Pond, The Beatles, Boris, The Clash, David Bowie, The Dead C Holger Czukay, Rick James, Pelt, Jessye Norman, Kinski The Rolling Stones, Thrones, Yardbirds

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ils sont représentés par la galerie Elisabeth Dee

The collaboration of Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn has produced an exciting series of character-driven videos whose protagonists are, above all, under pressure : economic pressure, ecological pressure, and the pressures of class and gender (and, for that matter, genre) regimes. These pressures catalyze affective mutations and a sense of dislocation, a felling of (not so transcendental) homelessness.

Responding to eco-social circumstances, Dodge and Kahn work from the ethoi that the personal is political and the aesthetic is ideological. In their work, then, the aesthetic — including, crucially, the anaesthetic, and the anti-aesthetic Ü is leveraged politically. These videos draw attention to the aesthetic itself as a fraught category, using the heightened consciousness created by the frame only to crash it, transmitting/effecting cognitive-cosmic dissonance via their signature punk-slapstick.

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