A publishing platform, nearby Paris. Releases 5 to 6 books early + 1 or 2 Dvds + 1 or 2 audio Cds + digital online documents + interventions.
è®e was created in 2004 by Eric Arlix (novelist) and is now runned by Jean Perrier & Éric Arlix

For customers abroad, you can buy all our references via Paypal system, on this site, or send me an email : contact@editions-ere.net

For legal rights or more information about one of these references, feel free to send an email to : contact@editions-ere.net

directed by Vincent Bourdeau, François Jarrige, Julien Vincent

The collection endeavours in meeting two urgent matters : drawing together human and social sciences’ research and public debate, and promoting a new internationalism in research to step out of one intellectual "protectionnism" who tends to close on questionnaires and their answers. Books are shared among three categories, "works", "documents", "interventions".

directed by Émilie Notéris

Littérature étrangè®e presents both authors’ works confirmed in their country (unfamiliar to french public) but also young promising writers. Littérature étrangè®e respects men/women parity. Littérature étrangè®e works in narrow contact with independent foreign publishers. Littérature étrangè®e wishes to promote creative, demanding, singular writings not a priori designed for export.